Daniel Goodman

  Review by: Sara Hunt
  Record Label: Magic Sin Music
  Website: www.danielgoodmanmusic.com
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Brooklyn-born artist Daniel Goodman has, with his new album COLD WIND, created a wonderful collection of folk/rock songs, intermingled with a touch of blues. An album of thought-provoking brilliance, Daniel shows he is a born storyteller; his carefully constructed lyrics are blunt, descriptive and so relevant to today's modern world and his raw, emotive vocals too emerge as a real highlight of the album. Upon listening to this album you can hear echo's of Daniel's folk influences throughout each and every song, and unlike his previous releases, this one is heavy on instrumentation. "When The Cold Wind Blows," featuring Adam Levy on electric guitar, gives a good indication of things to come further down the track list. His vocals are strong, gritty and determined, standing out against the mix of electric and acoustic guitars, drums and percussion and giving this song a definite rocky/folk feel. "The Theater Of Optimism" is a powerful, toe-tapping number with a slight bluesy feel about it and Leah Sigel providing background vocals. Adam Levy pops up again on "Pine Ridge" playing the 12 string guitar. A slow song, this one focuses on Daniel's distinctive and charming vocals, captivating and atmospheric. "The Dark Side Of Love" is quite a catchy up-tempo song, with Daniel's vocals seemingly a little softer. "The Shadow Of The Sun" has quite a long intro that leads into a song full of Daniel's gritty vocals. The lyrics are anything but charming but that is half the appeal of Daniel's music. "Such A Fine Day" has carefully crafted lyrics that read like a poem put to music. This song deserves a close listen, probably more than once to get its full affect. If you want grit and realism then look no further than this song. If "Such A Fine Day" is brilliant because of its astonishing lyrics then "Fade From Yesterday" is brilliant due to Daniel's velvety vocals that enhance the chorus of this charming song. Slow and emotive this it's just perfect. Out of all the songs on this album, this is the one that has a definite country feel. You won't want it to end! "True Love's Eyes" takes on a heavier feel once more as Daniel's vocals become pronounced and gritty. Once again the lyrics read like a wonderful poem. "The Golden Road" is a gentler number with Daniel's vocals being turned down a notch or two before becoming more distinct throughout the chorus. All too soon the album comes to a close with another lyrically strong offering "The Lady & The Ship." The album ends as it began with Daniel's gritty vocals taking centre stage. Produced by Anton Fier with additional production from Adam Levy, this album is astounding. Not for the faint hearted, it's for lovers of strong poignant music and lyrics that don't shy away from the brutality that fills our world today.

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