Mike Cullison

  Review by: Russell Hill
  Record Label: Self-released
  Website: www.cullisonmusic.com
  Star Rating:



If country music was fair to artists who have the voice and talent which fans across the world prefer over manufactured country-pop then this EP would be receiving multiple CMA nominations. Here's hoping that the CMA judges listen to this record because if they do they will put Oklahoma's Mike Cullison at the forefront of country music. The six songs pack a punch with honky-tonk instrumentation and Mike's vocals harking back to a simpler time in music when all you needed to sell records was to sing about barrooms and drinking. Understandably, Whiskey Memory is great to enjoy whilst supping a strong beverage. Similar to Merle Haggard's Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down this seems to be a contemporary version of that infamous tune. The remainder of the record is too good for words and is certainly worth hunting down a copy in order to see why it is downright near perfect.

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